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This year’s batch of Dandelion Oil is now ready and a beautiful infusion it is too. This is the first batch following our move to England and a lowland location with a wonderful rich crop of Dandelions. This is a warm infusion of dandelion flowers from my land, picked in full sunshine so that the flowers are at their best, creating a sunshine oil which makes a wonderful massage oil.

Bog Myrtle (Myrica gale) is back in stock!. After 3 years with no Bog Myrtle available on the market we now have a choice of 2 seperate distillations.
One is a Canadian distillation from Canadian Certified Organic grown Bog Myrtle. It is, without doubt, the best Bog Myrtle available and as a consequence is expensive.
The other is a French distillation which is a good mid-range quality, conventionally produced Bog Myrtle. It is nowhere near the quality of the Canadian distillation and consequently is considerably more affordable.

The dearth of Bog Myrtle on the market over the last 3 years has led to some vendors selling Common Myrtle (Myrtus communis) as Bog Myrtle. Please don’t be fooled by this. Bog Myrtle is a different genus from Common Myrtle and has different properties.
It is often called Sweet Gale to differentiate it from the Myrtle family.

As Blooming Oils has now moved from Wales into England, some of our Charm Necklaces may become unavailable as we collect our botanicals from our land and close neighbourhoods. Previously we were at 1,000 feet in the Cambrian Mountains and we are now on the Severn plain near Shrewsbury. As a result, the botanicals available to us will be different. We will keep you informed when stocks of particular Charms run low.

Best wishes and stay safe,

Ann Edwards
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Showing 1–40 of 263 results