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Winter is certainly here. The leaves have fallen and the grass has stopped growing. The Rosehip oil is infusing nicely and I'm selling lots of Dandelion oil to compensate for the reduction in sunshine. To follow Blooming Oils' 2018 Click on the picture for the Blooming Oils Blog.


This Autumn I introduced a new idea particularly for those unfamiliar with essential oils. My new range of Mini Magic boxes contains miniature bottles of pure or blended essential oils in "Have a Go" sizes of 2 ml each. Some of the Mini Magic boxes are themed,  for example the Sparkle Christmas Box contains 6 different pure essential oils; Cinnamon, Clove, Orange, Pine, Frankincense and Myrrh. For Valentine's Day I will be producing Sparkle Hearts boxes with 2 precious or romantic oils. As always the box also contains an information sheet showing what the oils can be used for and identifying contraindications - circumstances where the oils should not be used....

Many more people have chosen to use our blending service to develop personal blends of essential oils for them to help with their particular ailments. These have covered a wide range of ailments including Gout, Lymphoedema, Bursitis, Psoriasis, Bone Regeneration, Loss of Libido, Hypertension and a range of emotional issues such as anxiety, shock and trauma and personal protection. It seems to be a sign of the times but Sleepyhead is rapidly taking over from Don't Panic as my fastest selling off the shelf blend. It seems many people suffering from stress and anxiety are struggling to sleep at night.....   If you need a blend for a particular ailment or circumstance contact me through the custom order facility and I will be in touch to help you with your requirement.
The Blooming Oils' caravan shop is now parked up for the winter but I'm already planning  next year's festival visits. The awning on the front of the caravan serves as the  "shop" and there have been hundreds of visitors over the season. Watch this space for a list of next year's festivals where the caravan will appear....

For Therapists we still provide all of our blends at wholesale prices and of course, we will always work with you to develop your own recipes, research and develop testers for a particular customer and provide you with a new ready made blend, particularly if it requires expensive or infrequently used pure essential oils and absolutes. Let us know if you want your Own Logo on the bottles…..

Our herbal charms range is expanding – we now have May Blossom, Yarrow, Honeysuckle, Lady's Mantle, St John’s Wort, Witch Hazel, Bird’s Foot Trefoil, Hecate - Queen of the Night and Queen Anne’s Lace amongst many others.


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