About Us

Blooming Oils is the result of a 50 year passion for essential oils and the limitless number of exciting, enlightening and regenerative blends which can be made from their subtle and powerful properties. More recently the wonders of CBD and their effects, especially when blended with pure essential oils has proved to be truly enlightening.

Our product range is based on growing customer demand for natural, environmentally friendly, organic, wellbeing products. All Blooming Oils’ products use ethically sourced, naturally derived and sustainable ingredients infused with essential oils, many of which are produced organically. During manufacturing none of our ingredients or products are tested on animals, nor do we buy anything that has been tested on animals.

Blooming Oils’ environmental impact is minimised by using recycled or compostable packaging, meaning zero consumer waste where possible. We have replaced the majority of our packaging with glass, paper and cardboard and this year we have converted our power requirements to green alternatives. We run solar photovoltaics and heat pumps for our power and heating requirements.

On our web site you will find a large range of pure essential oils chosen directly from distillers around the world whom we know and trust. There are essential oils and absolutes, infused oils (some of which we make ourselves) and carrier oils, organic ranges and fragrances. You will also find a wide range of blends providing support for those enduring difficult times and some are a helping hand to those following a spiritual path.

We also supply our own brand blends which are created in-house and a small but exciting range of creams, gels, butters and gifts

Please note:

Blooming Oils will accept no orders from Russia

Blooming Oils не будет принимать заказы из России


We have introduced a new range of gifts which include dried botanicals in small glass vials. The botanicals are grown on our land or locally to our land. They are dried and placed in small glass vials which are on silver chains.

Additionally, we have a new range of Wish Vials which are delicately crafted glass and metal vials containing rare or precious essential oils, absolutes or essential oil blends,