About Us

Blooming Oils is the result of a 50 year passion for essential oils and the limitless number of exciting, enlightening and regenerative blends which can be made from their subtle and powerful properties. More recently the wonders of CBD and their effects, especially when blended with pure essential oils has proved to be truly enlightening. However, adding CBD oils to the original Blooming Oils’ website proved to be a step too far for our payment processor. As a result Blooming Oils has been forced to create a new web page Blooming CBD for customers to purchase our CBD products and massage blends.

We have undertaken to research the young, dynamic and occasionally very dodgy, marketplace for CBD distillers and sellers to bring you the best CBD oil available. We deal only with reputable companies who are committed to establishing and adhering to quality standards necessary to control a fast-moving market and ensure that Customers can buy with confidence and safety.

On our Blooming Oils web site you will find a large range of pure essential oils chosen directly from distillers around the world whom we know and trust. There are essential oils and absolutes, infused oils (some of which we make ourselves) and carrier oils, organic ranges and fragrances. You will also find a wide range of blends providing support for those enduring difficult times and some are a helping hand to those following a spiritual path.

Our services include

  • Research service for developing a specific blend especially for you
  • Make-Up service for creating the specific blend to your recipe – ready to use at the correct dilution
  • Therapists Support Service – A service for Therapists, driven by Therapists and providing developing and blending services, tailored blends, a trialling service and your own blend packaging and dispensing services – all at wholesale prices….