Courage Essential Oil Blend


Courage blend can help when your confidence is at a low ebb and the task ahead looks insurmountable. It supports emotional bravery, bold leadership and mental stamina


Courage Essential Oil Blend

Essential Oils

  • Fennel                             (Foeniculum vulgare)
  • Juniperberry                (Juniperus communis)
  • Black Pepper                (Piper nigrum)
  • Orange                            (Citrus sinensis)
  • Basil                                 (Ocimum basilicum)

Extraction Method

Steam distillation (for all oils)

Blends Well With

Use alone


There are different types of courage and facing physical danger is only one type. In the modern world different sorts of courage are needed. The courage to face the unknown and make change happen, the courage to stand in front of a crowd and speak your part, the emotional courage to break unpleasant news and above all the courage of integrity to “tell it like it is”. For many in the business world, Courage is the quiet strength to try all over again in the wake of a setback.

Courage blend can help when your confidence is at a low ebb and the task ahead looks insurmountable. It supports emotional bravery, bold leadership and mental stamina


Roll onto the skin on the inside of the wrists, at the back of the neck below the hairline, across the forehead and around the temples, taking great care to avoid the eyes. Best applied first thing in the morning and throughout the day as needed.


  • Undiluted – dilute to 3% or less in a suitable Carrier oil before using on the skin
  • Ready to Use is a 3% dilution in Grapeseed (Vitis vinifera) and Jojoba (Simmondsia chinensis) Carrier Oil

Aromatic Scent

A sharp woody and sweet citrus fragrance

Emotional Response

Courage blend creates a happy, relaxed feeling and works as a mood lifter, perfect for people who suffer chronic anxiety under stressful situations. It quells “butterflies” alleviates anger, while calming nervous digestive problems.  It banishes gloom and negativity enhancing mood and energising any work and restores the spirit following emotional disturbances. It settles the nerves and strengthens the spirit in challenging situations. Gives access to additional strength and boosts courage in the face of adversity. A drop of Courage (diluted) on the brow when attempting to make an important decision will clarify the honourable path. Regularly using Courage oil improves mental strength and clarity and helps soothe tempers and create empathy between people.


Photo-toxic. May cause skin sensitivity. Avoid during pregnancy.  May lower blood sugar – risk for diabetics. May affect blood pressure and could make blood pressure control more difficult.  Avoid in cases of epilepsy. Avoid in cases of liver problems.

Active Ingredients

(E)-Anethole, (+)-Limonene, Fenchone, Estragole, αPhellandrene, (Z)-Anethole,  αPinene, Sabinene, ß-Myrcene, Terpinen-4-ol, ß-Pinene, y-Terpinene, d-3-Carene, αTerpinene, ß-Caryophyllene, p-Cymene, Terpinolene, αThujone, αTerpineol, δ-3-Carene, ß-Bisabolene, αCopaene, (E)-ß-Farnesene, αCubebene, Linalool, Eugenol, Linoleic & Linolenic acids, 1,8 Cineole, T-Cadinol, Palmitic acid, (E)-α-Bergamotene, Germacrene-D, Estragole


  • Essential oils can be powerful so to avoid all risks do not use during pregnancy.
  • Keep away from clothing or articles which may be affected by oil-based products.
  • Use sparingly and no more than 4 times per day.
  • Gluten, peanut and dairy free.
  • Non-GMO.
  • Suitable for vegans and vegetarians.
  • If you are using existing medication, please consult your doctor before using any complementary products and check for pharmaceutical interactions by accessing this page
  • The information provided in these areas are for educational purposes only. Do not consider this information to be accurate or complete. We do not offer this information to diagnose or cure any disease or ailment, and it does not constitute medical advice of any kind.

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