Lemon Scented Tea Tree 100% Essential Oil



Lemon Scented Tea Tree (Leptospermum petersonii)


Lemon scented Tea Tree was used extensively by the Maoris for burns and irritations of the skin. It is antibacterial, antiviral, anti-inflammatory, anti-mucus, and a digestive stimulant. It is also useful for destroying bacteria & moulds. It is an excellent insect repellent as well as a wonderful air freshener and space cleanser. For some this oil is actually sedating, when used in small amounts.  


In a diffuser, Lemon Scented Tea Tree oil is a sweet smelling insect repellent and helps clear chest congestion. A great oil for diffusing in a sick room where the oil will not be over stimulating and allows for a sound night’s sleep. Diluted to 1% or less in a carrier oil it is used for oily skin or acne applications, especially where there is inflammatory acne.  Also as it is anti-bacterial it is a great deodorizer, this is a good choice for natural deodorants, where it will help to keep odour under control. To keep pests (ants, fleas, cockroaches, mosquitoes etc.) at bay, safely:  place several drops Of Lemon Tea Tree Essential Oil on strips of cloth and hang it in the area, mix a 5% solution and apply along the space under doors and windows to keep bugs from entering, place a couple of drops on shoelaces, hems of pants, rim of hat.

Country of Origin



Top / Middle Bridge Note

Extraction Method

Steam distilled

Plant Part


Aromatic Scent

Tea Tree Lemon essential oil has a rounded lemon scent with back-notes reminiscent of citronella and lemongrass. The medicinal notes are much more subtle than regular Tea Tree. 

Blends Well With

Lavender, and the Rose scented oils, especially Palmarosa (which happens to be one of the monoterpene alcohols).  Best used in low dilution or it will overpower the other notes. 


Grounding, clears and focuses the mind, assists concentration, uplifting, relaxing, calming, relief for mental stress, anti-depressive, aids happiness


Lemon Scented Tea Tree essential oil is high in Citral, a potential skin irritant so may cause dermal sensitization in some people.  Should not be used direct in the bath.  Citral can be very irritating to the point of blisters. Do not take internally.

Active Ingredients

Geranial, Neral, αPinene, Citronellal, Geraniol, Isopulegol Linalool, Spathulenol


  • Essential oils can be powerful so to avoid all risks do not use during pregnancy.
  • Keep away from clothing or articles which may be affected by oil based products.
  • Use sparingly and no more than 4 times per day.
  • Gluten, peanut and dairy free.
  • Non-GMO.
  • Suitable for vegans and vegetarians.
  • If you are using existing medication, please consult your doctor before using any complementary products and check for pharmaceutical interactions by accessing this page https://www.drugs.com/drug-interactions.html
  • The information provided in these areas are for educational purposes only. Do not consider this information to be accurate or complete.
  • We do not offer this information to diagnose or cure any disease or ailment, and it does not constitute medical advice of any kind.

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