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CBD Investment

The current state of the CBD market is chaotic. CBD is legal in the UK and many other countries. However in the UK it has to be sold as a nutrition supplement rather than a complementary therapy. This means that it is impossible to advertise what uses or potential uses it may have. Pressure to improve the situation must come from a number of different directions including the acceptance of medical research by bodies such as NICE and MHRA ( Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency ) under its new Chief Executive Dr June Raine.

The most effective way to regulate the position of any new market is the pressure of money and already there are numerous solid companies around the world producing, researching and selling CBD and Cannabis products in a market already worth nearly $30billion. As well as these companies directly involved with the product there is an entire infrastructure market developing to service this unfolding market. This involves companies which sell the equipment to distil and produce CBD products; companies which sell the software to retail the products; companies which fund the research and development of new products; companies which analyse and assess the quality of the plant material and resulting products and venture capital companies which fund the investment in all stages of the market. All of this helps to solidify the Cannabis sativa market against political decisions which affect everyone including customers who use the products. The more people (i.e. voters) involved in this directly, who have investments in these companies, the more likely politicians are likely to listen.

Unfortunately, as this market is rapidly unfolding and company results cannot be published in many markets such as NASDAQ, information is scarce. For those of us who would wish to invest, how do we choose which companies deserve our investment? Which provide or are likely to provide the best returns on our investments? Which companies look to have a solid corporate structure, good cash and investment management, good products and a loyal customer base? One person who has made it her business to find out as much as possible about this emerging market is Debra Borchardt – founder and editor in chief of

The Investopedia Academy has put together a free webinar in which Debra discusses the emerging market and some of the players. I found it fascinating and although I have already invested quite considerably in this market, I have decided to widen my investments based on her information. To watch the webinar click on the following link and then choose the webinar name Strategy Session: Cannabis Investing. You will need to log in to view the webinar for free.