Brochen Well Water

Brochen Well Water
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Brochen Well is a Drover's Well at the side of a Green Lane - traditionally travelled by Twlwyth Teg (the Fair Folk or Family) (also known as Bendith y Mamau - Blessings of the Mothers). The waters are valuable for their use in Scrying and for their support in Seeing, and in working with the Fairy in general. The waters also have value in work with the ancestors, particularly those in close family relationships.


The waters are useful in summoning work and provide strong support when creating a Fire Over Water Summons.

N.B. If using this water as a healing medium be sure to boil it first.

The 500ml flask makes this an ideal crystal ball for scrying, or for focusing your wish. After you have used your Water you can return your 500ml flask to Blooming Oils for a refill.





Uses Retains its temperature and properties even when the water is far removed from the well. Suitable for working with Fairy and calls them. Good for Seeing / Scrying and also for any work with Fire Over Water such as Summoning or speaking with Ancestors
Properties The water from Brochen Well is pure and icy cold at any time of the year. It is extremely high energy water and retains images and memories very well. The water is soft to the touch and smells slightly earthy. It is most used for summoning fairy and for holding wishes of the heart. It can be used for good or ill but beware if using it for ill-wishing as the high energy of the water makes the possibility of rebounds extremely high. It is ideal for scrying as it has a source deep in the earth and only rises to 6 feet below the surface even at its highest water level.
Source Brochen Well

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