Natural Waters

Natural Waters

Water is the soul of life. Without water there is no life as we know it. And for all the billions of gallons of water on earth less than 2% is drinkable. Most of the rest is held in the oceans and the frozen wastes of Antarctica and the Arctic or hidden far underground in deep seas that are inaccessible. For most people nowadays water appears as if by magic when a tap is turned. However the real magic is that water does appear from the ground in the form of springs and wells that bring deep water to the surface and carry healing or magical trace elements.


In the Cambrian Mountains of mid-Wales, known as the Lake District of Wales, are the famous Spa wells, each with their own particular waters. The famous springs at Llandrindod Wells still reliably provide their mineral strong waters and a few private wells produce gallons of natural water. Most spas are either rich in iron (chalybeate), sulphur (with hydrogen sulphide gas) or saline (mainly sodium chloride). The iron and sulphur probably come from the breakdown of fool's gold (pyrites) resulting from water movement through the highly faulted local rocks. These are ancient rocks, some of the oldest in the world and these waters penetrate their hidden places emerging at the surface to provide the springs and wells with a constant source of natural water. Each well has its own properties in addition to the mineral salts they contain. Brochen's Well is always cold water even when it has stood for hours in a warm place, yet it never freezes even in temperatures of -22 degrees centigrade. The well sits alongside an ancient drovers' road, and is reputed to be one of the roads that the Twlwyth Teg (The Welsh Fairies) ride. The water is certainly lively and has a feel and spirit all its own.

We use this water on the farm as we have no mains water here, as well as for creating floral waters, blending with essential oils for our atomisers, for making herbal mixtures and for making wishes for the various celebrations throughout the year. We also use it for cleansing and "enlivening" objects.


Brochen's wells and springs have newts living in them and folk wisdom recognises that any water which has newts in it is pure. However I have never yet seen a newt climb out of the water to pee...

If you wish to drink the waters please note that these waters are not processed in any way, they are only filtered so are considered unsuitable for drinking.

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