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Aromatic Crystals - Honeysuckle

The heady scent of honeysuckle. 

Aromatic Crystals - Jasmine

The sweet perfume of Jasmine. 

Aromatic Crystals - Lemon

The sharp and refreshing scent of Lemon. 

Aromatic Crystals - Lily

The heady, powerful scent of lilies. 

Aromatic Crystals - Nag Champa

The traditional aomatic scent of Nag Champa

Aromatic Crystals - Rose

The unmistakeable scent of roses. 

Aromatic Crystals - Sandalwood

The heavenly woody aroma of Sandalwood. 

Aromatic Crystals - Strawberry

The luscious fruity scent of fresh strawberries. 

Black Jali Soapstone Diffuser - New Range

Black and smooth to touch, this jet-black soapstone is a sleek and sensuous essential oil diffuser

Bluebell Fragrance oil

Bluebell Fragrance Oil is a delicate floral scent reminiscent of a clear spring day in a Bluebell Wood.

Essential Oil Diffuser - Flowers

Exquisitely carved, warm and sensual, these soapstone essential oil diffusers are truly special

Essential Oil Diffuser - Fretwork

Delicately and skillfully carved, this genuine soapstone essential oil diffuser is warm and sensual to touch.

Essential Oil Diffuser - Ganesh

Sacred to Ganesh - the Hindu elephant god, this essential oil diffuser is made from genuine soapstone.

Essential Oil Diffuser - Jali

Beautifully carved genuine soapstone essential oil diffuser. This Jali diffuser is smooth and tactile, lovely to touch

Essential Oil Diffuser - Jali Fretwork

Skillfully carved and wonderful to touch, this Jali soapstone essential oil diffuser is a joy