Queen Anne's Lace Charm

Queen Anne's Lace Charm
Queen Anne's Lace Charm Queen Anne's Lace Charm Queen Anne's Lace Charm
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The name Queen Anne's Lace (Gorthfail Llyfn in Welsh) came from the 18th Century British Queen Anne  who was considered an expert lace maker. The story is told that she challenged her court to produce a piece of lace as beautiful as the delicate flowers of this roadside plant. Also known as Cow Parsley, Mother Die, Gipsy Flower, Hare’s Parsley and Moonlight. Many old people would not allow Queen Anne's Lace into the house because they believed that it predicted the death of the elder female and the transition to the next generation. Held behind glass it can help to predict misfortunes and change. It also had strong connections with dogs and the Dog Star Sirius. It is said that the plant will only grow for a women who is true to herself. 

I gather most herbs and flowers locally and dry them on the farm. Care is taken to ensure that the herbs and flowers are at their strongest and most powerful when they are gathered. None are collected from areas close to a road. They are placed in this lovely miniature glass flask and added to a real silver chain so that you can carry them at all times.

Uses Charms are used for protection and safety.They can also be used to enhance the wearer's abilities and senses. Increase fertility, good hunting, protection against depression, sadness and family troubles. Sacred to the fairies and bestowing the gift of awareness of them

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