Lady's Mantle Charm

Lady's Mantle Charm
Lady's Mantle Charm Lady's Mantle Charm Lady's Mantle Charm
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Lady's Mantle (Alchemilla mollis) - Mantell Fair in Welsh is a member of the Rose family. Like many plants, it was associated with the Virgin Mary in the Middle Ages. Alchemilla was highly revered by alchemists, who went out early in the morning to collect the magical dew from the leaves. This magical dew was essential to the Alchemist's efforts to produce the Philosopher's Stone. Women also collected the dew in search of eternal beauty: it was believed that to moisten the skin with the dew from the Lady's Mantle would bring the glamour of the elves to a woman's beauty. The 'dew' drops can also be used to cleanse the third eye to make it more acute to perceive visions and the magical dimension. Originally an herb of Freya, this herb is used in fertility magic and for protection. 

I gather most herbs and flowers locally and dry them on the farm. Care is taken to ensure that the herbs and flowers are at their strongest and most powerful when they are gathered. None are collected from areas close to a road. They are placed in this lovely miniature glass flask and added to a real silver chain so that you can carry them at all times.

Uses Charms are used for protection and safety.They can also be used to enhance the wearer's abilities and senses. Increase fertility, good hunting, protection against depression, sadness and family troubles. Sacred to the fairies and bestowing the gift of awareness of them

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