Honeysuckle Charm

Honeysuckle Charm
Honeysuckle Charm Honeysuckle Charm Honeysuckle Charm
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The woody and fibrous stems of Honeysuckle or Woodbine (Lonicera periclymenum) - Gwyddfid in Welsh were at one time used for rope-making and for the lead reins of pack ponies. The plant is sacred to Venus and to the planet Mercury. It is a very Earthy plant and the heady scent has an earthy fragrance to it.  Honeysuckle is said to attract money and growing it outside your home will attract good luck. Wearing Honeysuckle is said to increase psychic powers and held against the mind's eye (the spot slightly above and between eyebrows) is reputed to give clear sight. Young newly-weds often planted a pair of Honeysuckle plants together and encouraged them to wind around each other binding each other fast. This symbolised the marriage and showed their cleaving to each other. 

Uses Charms are used for protection and safety.They can also be used to enhance the wearer's abilities and senses. Increase fertility, good hunting, protection against depression, sadness and family troubles. Sacred to the fairies and bestowing the gift of awareness of them
Properties Gender - masculine Planet - Mars Element - fire (hawthorn burns hottest out of all the woods) Deities - Flora

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