Herbs are the earth's gifts, they heal, they cure, they perfume our environment, they open the door to other worlds and ways of perception. They change our moods and they enhance our abilities in so many ways. Herbs have been used since the dawn of time and not just by humanity. Animals too select the herbs they need for healing or enhancing their world.

Herbal preparations come in many forms - as dried herbs and spices, incenses, charms and amulets, as potions or creams and salves. We stock a wide range of herbs and incenses, each known for their individual powerful scents and each one perfect for making herbal remedies or incense blends. On our Herbal Incense pages you will find many ingredients for incense making and burning as well as Incense Burners, Charcoal and our own range of pre-mixed Incense blends.

Our range of Herbal Charms is growing rapidly. We now have Faery charms, Wishing Charms, Protection Charms and Health Charms. New this year are Sea Lavender, Rowan Flowers, Sidhe Delight and our personal favourite - the Remembrance Charm which contains a photograph of your loved one together with Rosemary for remembrance. For those following paths connected to the ancestors this charm makes a strong connection to your forebears.

This year we have also introduced a range of charms to link you to your favourite Deity. Containing herbs which are sacred to the Deity of your choice, we can also include your favourite image or token, if desired.

All our Herbal preparations are 100% pure and of botanical origin - all natural materials. Most are collected and prepared on the farm and from locations far from roads or any pollution from traffic activity.