Blooming Oils are uniquely placed to provide you with a tailored set of services.....

We don't just sell Essential Oils..... We provide a full set of services to our Customers to ensure you get exactly what you want and need. Tal to us and tell us what you are looking for. If it isn't on our list  ask us anyway. If we can help we certainly will. 


The services we offer include:

Research Service which researches, tests and creates an Essential Oil Blend to address your particular physical, mental or emotional issue and we also provide the support and information you need to use your blend. It may be that you want to use your oil as an atomiser spray of as a cream or gel. You may want it with a special dispenser or out of a tin. Ask us... we may already have what you need and if we don't we will probably be able to get it or make it for you....


Make Up Service which creates an Essential Oil Blend to your own specification. This could be a favourite recipe or a new product or even a wild fancy that you want to pursue. 


Therapists Support Service

A service for Therapists, driven by Therapists and providing research services, tailored blends, a trialling service and own blend packaging and dispensing services - all at wholesale prices....

The number and quality of essential oils has increased exponentially over the last twenty years and the call for their benefits has increased at the same rate. Aromatherapists around the world have a vastly expanded range of products at their fingertips. What hasn’t changed though is the economics of therapy and for many practitioners the cost of buying in so many oils is out of the question. Particularly as many of these may be special purchases used only once in a flood. Buying small quantities of essential oils and absolutes is also an expensive way to purchase. Large volumes get large discounts….

As a result, many therapists use Blooming Oils services to research, develop and trial new oil blends for customers. This approach has many benefits;

  1. You can choose from our existing range of well-tried blends or work with us to create new blends
  2. It is cost effective. You can purchase the oil blends you need, paying only for the oil you actually use rather than for an oil which may sit on the shelf for ages
  3. You can experiment with trial sizes and test bottles to get the best recipe for your customer.
  4. You can specify your own recipe. You can even ask for a solution to a problem and let us research the options for your blends.
  5. You can have your own labels on the blends and packaging. We have packaging with dispensers so you don't waste any of your oils.
  6. It is possible to have a choice of qualities of oils so if you need a cheaper priced or even fragrance quality versus organic or wild crafted quality you can specify it.
  7. If you need to replace a very expensive essential oil or absolute with a cheaper oil with similar properties, then we have the knowledge to suggest your best alternatives.
  8. All oil and blends come with product sheets to specify contents, contraindications and best practice uses.

​Contact us by email or telephone to discuss your requirements. or ask us to call you by downloading and completing the questionnaire using the free download above


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Make Up Service
For many people, the luxury of creating your very own blend of Essential Oils is not easy to achieve..
Research Service

Our Research Service means that we work directly with you to create the perfect blend for your circumstances.

Therapists Support Service

A service for Therapists, driven by Therapists and providing research services, tailored blends, a trialling service and own blend packaging services.