Carnation Absolute 100%

Carnation Absolute 100%
Carnation Absolute 100%
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Carnation Absolute - Dianthus carophyllus

Free your mind and body from fatigue, anxiety and depression, with this deeply relaxing, aromatic essential oil. Widely used in serums, creams and face and massage oils; Carnation’s soothing properties can help you to overcome skin irritation and blemishes and bring balance back to your complexion. Its benefits include preventing hair loss, acting as an anti-inflammatory agent, relaxing the muscles and also help in treating excessive gas formation in the stomach and intestines. Carnation helps to lessen wrinkles, aids in treating eczema, serves as a conditioner for the skin, reduces skin rashes, and cures rosacea or chronic acne. Useful for treating muscle aches and spasms. It promotes digestion and is beneficial for treating skin rashes. It tones the skin.


Massage, baths, vaporization and may be added to base creams.  It is also used in perfumery. Use as a pulse point perfume to calm your senses by simply applying it to the inside of your wrists, behind your ears and on any other major pulse points. Alternatively blend with other essential oils to create a soothing, nourishing skin oil.









Plant Part


Folk Powers

Interesting to note that carnations signified devotion and loyalty in a variety of traditions, from European to Asian

Aromatic Scent

Potent, fragrant herbal scent

Blended into

Dilute to 3% in a suitable carrier oil before skin application

Blends Well With

Clary Sage, Grapefruit, Jasmine, Lavender, Patchouli Rose and Ylang Ylang

Extraction Method

Solvent extraction. Generally, this absolute turns into a solid when kept at room temperature and, hence, will need to be warmed prior to use. Warm the oil by placing the bottle containing it in a bowl containing warm water


Comforting and sensual, Carnation Absolute oil is stimulating, uplifting and considered an aphrodisiac.  The aroma helps lift negativity. Carnation is useful in helping people to move on, gather momentum in moving ahead and also improves speed and rapidity of response. Use of Carnation induces a general feeling of health and happiness, lessens anxiety, augments sensuality, alleviates irritation, lifts depressed moods, removes apathy. This oil has a somewhat euphoric effect.


May cause skin irritation. May cause an allergic skin reaction. Avoid all contact with eyes and mucous membranes

Active Ingredients

Benzyl benzoate, Pentacosene, Benzyl salicylate, Eugenol, Heptacosene, Methyl linoleate, Tricosene​


Botanic Name Dianthus caryophyllus
Dilution This is a 3% Dilution in a blend of Jojoba (Simmondsia chinensis) and Rosehip (Rosa canina) Oil
Contraindications None known
Plant Part Flowers
Extraction Method Solvent Extraction
Description Carnation Absolute is valued as a fantastic aphrodisiac, as well as a spiritually uplifting, motivating oil.
Uses Carnation Absolute can be used in soaps, candles, potpourri, room fresheners, and in massage therapy applications
Consistency Viscous, solid at room temperature. Bottle should be placed in a hot water bath in order for absolute to liquefy.
Aromatic Scent Carnation Absolute has a strong, herbal aroma that carries floral notes that tend to linger. Warm, heavy, fruity, less spicy than expected
Active Ingredients Benzyl benzoate, Pentacosene, Benzyl salicylate, Eugenol, Heptacosene, Methyl linoleate, Tricosene
Cautions Carnation Absolute should not be used on broken or irritated skin.
Essential Oils
Origin Europe originally. Nowadays Egypt and Mediterranean
Note Medium
Strength of Aroma Strong
Blends Well With Ylang-ylang, Clary Sage, Coriander and Lavender

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