Blended Oils and Remedies

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A Taste of Christmas

Perfect for a rich family-Christmas fragrance all year round! The scent of Christmas goodies gently blended into a mouth-watering fragrance.


Ancestors  opens hearts and brings awareness of the energies that affect our lives. For those working with the Ancestors it strengthens the bonds of family and spirit


Bedrock helps to alleviate stress and feelings of anxiety, it can ease shortness of breath and lift feelings of mental and physical weariness

Bog Myrtle Midge Repellent

Bog Myrtle is a particularly effective insect repellent and has proved to be extremely useful against midges. Ready to Use.

Breathe Easy Oil Blend

Breathe Easy is a soothing, clearing blend of Pure Essential Oils for clearing blocked nose and sinuses

Breathe Slow & Low

Breathe Slow & Low relaxes you physically and mentally which helps to control your breathing.

Bug Off Midges & Mosqitoes

Bug Off Midge and Mosquito Repellent is a particularly effective insect repellent, which has proved to be extremely useful against midges and mosquitoes

Chill Out

Chill Out helps to release tension and ease the pressures of stress, relaxing the mind and the body and helping you to stay in the swing of your work.

Christmas Presence

Christmas Presence essential oil blend is the spicy evocative scents of Christmas with Cloves and Cinnamon and the fresh citrus smell of Oranges and Limes. 


Confidence sharpens your senses heightening your cognitive abilities and boosts your self-awareness leaving you fully in control.

Cool Soother  Essential Oil Blend

Cool Soother does what it says. It cools the flames of irritation and soothes inflamed skin.

Cool Soother with Ho Wood Essential Oil Blend

Cool Soother does what it says. It cools the flames of irritation and soothes inflamed skin. Our best selling blend Cool Soother now comes with Ho Wood instead of Lemon essential oil for those super sensitive skins 

Don't Panic

Don’t Panic helps to control an attack which is under way by calming fears, easing shortness of breath, alleviating heart palpitations and reducing blood pressure levels.  

Enlightening Massage Oil

There is little worse than feeling your attention flagging and your vitality dropping. Enlightening Massage provides a quick boost to your energy and a challenge to your mental agility to help you concentrate your attention back on the job.

Equine No Fly Zone

Equine No-Fly Zone repels most flying insects, including midges, mosquitoes, gnats, warble flies, horse flies, ticks, stable flies and sand flies