Synergy Products

Synergy Products

You are what you eat. And what we eat nowadays has been shown to have less than half the nutritional values of the same foodstuffs produced in the 1930's according to a UK Government DEFRA Report.  (You can download this for free). 

Synergy's award-winning products address health issues which can emerge from poorer standards of nutrition which we receive from today's modern foodstuffs. 


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e9 High Energy Drink

e9 delivers energy derived from healthy, natural sources and has been scientifically formulated to give your body the added nutrition it needs to boost and sustain your energy naturally.

Synergy's Mistify is an all naural 100% pure health drink. Mistify is a liquid food supplement, ..

Phytolife is full of life-enhancing greens that balance the pH in your body, detoxify all organs and rebuild cells and tissue.

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ProArgi-9 Plus

ProArgi-9 Plus is the leading natural nutritional supplement for anyone who is feeling their age and slowing down or has heart or cardio-vascular issues resulting from diabetes, COPD, Raynaud's disease or many others... 

SLM Smart - Vanilla

Lose those pounds - Build those muscles!