From time immemorial we have loved jewellery, whether as a mark of status or wealth or for the simple pleasure of owning something beautiful or meaningful. Made from natural minerals such as Silver, Copper, Brass, our range of jewellery reflects the natural world in all its power and mystery. 

But a charm can be much more than adornment. It can provide protection and blessings. Our range of charms include the blessings of Health, Wealth and Happiness; the Protection of Safe Journeying and the more exciting Mind's Eye, Sidhe Delight and Get your Own Back. 


Essential oils have many health giving properties and for some they are a lifeline. For many, however carrying your favourite Essential Oil in a ready-made Ampulla (an essential oil bottle to be worn around the neck) can make your world smell better and improve your health simultaneously. Choose from our many different styles and sizes and fill with your favourite Essential Oil or Oil Blend.



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Bird's Foot Trefoil Charm

Bird's Foot Trefoil is traditionally worn to increase fertility and to raise sexual potency for both men and women. In many areas the trefoil is considered a representation of the three-fold nature of things and is used to invoke the blessings of the Lady.

Bluebells Charm

Bluebells are said to help the wearer to live a long and honourable life. 

Christmas Berries Charm

Christmas Berries Charm contains the three midwinter berries which protect against evil during the dark nights of deepest winter. They protect infants and women working in moonlight. They protect against evil spirits, disasters and fire. They also bring the blessings of the new year - fruitfulness, good luck, love and conception. 

Everlasting Charm

Sacred to Venus, Cerridwen and Isis, it is worn to calm and settle the emotions and protect a sleeper from bad dreams.

Get Your Own Back Charm

Sacred to Hecate and used to regain what was taken from you and grow stronger.

Health, Wealth & Wisdom Charm

Health, Wealth and Wisdom - the three greatest gifts of the gods, or in this case the herbs contained in this charm necklace

Hecate, Queen of the Night Charm

Hecate, Queen of the Night is sacred to the Lady in her role as Guardian of the Crossroads, Goddess of Childbirth and Queen of the dead. Made from Garlic, Lavender and Willow, it looks to the moon, fire and water. A most suitable charm for fire over water spells.

Honeysuckle Charm

Honeysuckle is sacred to Venus and to the planet Mercury. It is a very Earthy plant and the heady scent has an earthy fragrance to it.  Honeysuckle is said to attract money and growing it outside your home will attract good luck. 

Lady's Mantle Charm

Women used to collect the magical dew from Lady's Mantle leaves in search of eternal beauty: it was believed that to moisten the skin with the dew from the Lady's Mantle would bring the glamour of the elves to a woman's beauty. 

Lavender Charm

Lavender protects against ill usage and cruelty; helps to gather love and lovers and relaxes an over-active mind.

May Blossom Charm

May Blossom is the crown of thorns atop a May Pole on Calan Mai (May Day). Such a tricksy plant requires plenty of time to learn its ways.... and wearing it lets you experience its abilities for yourself.

Mind's Eye Charm Necklace

This Mind's Eye Charm contains herbs which traditionally support and enhance envisioning abilities.

Mistletoe Charm

Mistletoe is the most magical herb. Revered by the druids, it is cut at Midsummer or when the Moon is 6 days old. When carried it is used for protection against lightning, disease, misfortune, fires and for curing fresh wounds. It is also used for protecting infants in cradles

Queen Anne's Lace Charm

Queen Anne's Lace is said to only grow for a women who is true to herself. 

Remembrance Charm

Keep your ancestors close to your heart with this wonderful charm.