Candles and Lamps

Candles and Lamps

A range of delicately scented prayer candles hand-made of 100% organic plant wax from natural sustainable plant sources. No petroleum based paraffin wax or animal products. The range has plain and patterned white candles and a range of colours depending on the scents of the candles.


A delightful range of "Magic Candles" with a battery driven flickering flame.


Mist lamps with their magical "mistical" sounds and scents.


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Blue Magic Misting Lamp

Blue Magic Mist Lamp is the rich blue of the deep ocean on a black metal stand

Blue Vine Misting Lamp

A Mist Lamp is morning mist in a bowl... Blue Vine Mist Lamp is tall and elegant with an ice blue bowl.

Cool Leaf Mist Lamp

Cool Leaf is a delicately shaped yellow or green glass bowl which fills with softly moving mist. 

Flowing Bowl Mist Lamp

Flowing Bowl Mist Lamp is a delicately shaped white glass bowl, lit by multi-coloured LCDs, which fills with softly moving mist then overflows the bowl 

Glitter Lava Lamp Night Light

Fascinating Glitter Night Light - Completely safe for Kids' bedrooms!

Goblet Mist Lamp

Goblet is a delicate and elegant, shaped white glass bowl, which changes colour when lit by the ever-changing multi-coloured LCDs

Magic Sky Misting Lamp

Magic Sky Mist Lamp is a simple, sturdy glass bowl with a coloured lamp that produces clouds of mist.

Naughty Night Light - Magic Mushrooms

A naughty night light powered by a single tea light and showing a brilliant and dazzling representation of magic mushrooms (Psilocybe semilanceata).

Organic Prayer Candle - Jasmine and Orange Scented

100% Pure Organic wax, handmade from natural sustainable plant sources. No petroleum based paraffin wax or animal products. Clean burning. Gently scented with Jasmine and Orange.

Organic Prayer Candle - Lavender Scented

100% organic plant wax, handmade from natural sustainable plant sources. Clean burning. Gently scented with Lavender oil.

Organic Prayer Candle - Vanilla & Coconut Scented

Relax with the rich, delicious scent  of Vanilla and Coconut in a luxurious 100% organic candle.

Petal Misting Lamp

A delicate flower shaped Mist Lamp for health and wellbring.

White Wave Misting Lamp

White Wave Mist Lamp is a large, white, wavy edged bowl on a decorative metal floor stand. Matches any decor.